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Empowering Women Through Service & Advocacy

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Zonta International is an organization consisting of more than 29,000 members in 63 countries, that work together to
make gender equality a reality for women and girls worldwide. We
•    advocate for equality, education and an end to child marriage and gender-based violence
•    expand opportunities for women and girls through local and international education and service projects.

ZONTA CLUB OF THE NEW TERRITORIES II (“ZCNTII”) is one of Zonta International’s seven and youngest charters in Hong Kong.
We are a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and eminent rising stars from various industries, coming together for a common cause - making the world a better place by empowering women, while strengthening sisterhood and friendships in a harmonious, collegial and supportive community. 


Care & Support


Empower women

leadership and capabilities  

Gender Equality

Advocate for

Equal Opportunities at work

We Serve

Nurture and preserve

our planet


Condemn Domestic Violence and support Victims 

Clear Gender Stereotypes

Break the Glass Ceiling for women

President Message 2022-2024
"Repair their loss, Rebuild confidence, Regain momentum"

I am humbled by the trust of the NTII’s past and current Board of Directors to have elected me to lead the Zonta Club of the New Territories II (“ZCNTII”) as its President for the biennium of 2022-2024. ZCNTII is a group of energetic and vibrant professional and high-achieving women, who come together to nest care and support for the needy, target gender equality at work, at home and in the wider community and strive, together, to serve others and build a collegial and supportive women community. As a post-pandemic President for a vibrant club, I set the goal of helping women who suffered by the pandemic to repair their loss, rebuild their confidence, and regain momentum in their lives. On our community service front, NTII will pave roads for young single mothers and victims of domestic violence to receive professional training for careers they have not imagined, and align job opportunities that build careers, independence and confidence, enabling them to live healthily and bravely. On advocacy, we will continue to clear gender stereotypes through campaigns, talks and social media whilst promoting equal opportunities for women at work and at home. On fellowship, with a diverse program of wellness activities that help to enhance our members’ mind, body and soul, we also strive to provide advance leadership and career development training, enabling them to break the glass ceiling and eliminating imposter syndrome. We will involve our families and children in our family programme so to build a legacy of community service with our next generation. I will do my best to give and to serve, while overcoming any challenges with the goal to build a strong support network that will continue to grow as we mature. As women, we live multiple roles, and as professionals, the numerous commitments on our shoulders that demand our attention can be overwhelming. Yet, I am confident that our humble contribution today can go a long way. By adding that one more role as a Zontian, we are not only servicing for those who need us, but also pledging to live our lives with deeper meaning, substance and legacy. I hope to have your support in building a much better world together.


Rendy Ng

Upcoming Events

Sept 3, 2022

Mid-Autumn Festival will come early this year. Yet another box of mooncakes? How about something different this year - what about a gift to learn how to make a unique hybrid of MACARONS and MOONCAKES together, and contribute to the charitable cause of supporting underprivileged women through Zonta Club of New Territories II's service projects.

Macamoon fundraiser poster.jpg

Aug 27, 2022

Together with Crossroads International, Zontians from NTII and their families and children are attending a simulation called "Water Challenge" to enable second generation Zontians to appreciate what children in developing countries face everyday with simply life essential such as water. All proceeds go to Crossroads International.  

ZCNTII - SummerFam 2 - Water Challenge at Crossroads.jpg


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